Some months ago Dougie Jooste met up with Peter Trebble.  Dougie expressed a special wish explaining that it would be great if he could meet up with a few of his old Dryfe House Boarders – to check if they had started behaving themselves yet!

Peter listened and followed up by approaching Nic Koch to help with co-organising a get together of Dryfe House Boarders from the 1950’s.  The special initiative would provide an opportunity to honour both Dougie Jooste and Stephen Minnaar who were young Housemasters at the SACS Junior School, Dryfe House Boarding facility so many years ago.  Both Dougie and Stephen are reaching the grand age of 90 in 2019.


On Thursday 18th October, a happy Cocktail Party took place and the Old Boys were able to present Dougie and Stephen each with a Woolworths voucher as a gift of appreciation,  for what they had done for their young SACS Dryfe House Boarders so many years ago.

Dougie and Stephen thanked the gathering most warmly for having attended and for the much appreciated gifts.  Dougie in particular stressed that the function – to meet up with many of his former naughty young Boarders was a dream come true.  For the happy bunch, the occasion provided an opportunity for wonderful catch up and was a once in a lifetime event.

Peter Trebble & Nic Koch