L.A.P.A. Munnik – Tribute from Kent Durr


I can only speak from my experience as a young new MPC for Constantia of Dr. L.A.P.A.Munnik MB.ChB (UCT)


As Administrator of the Cape Province he was most courteous and helpful and welcoming. He was proud of SACS and we shared that connection, as also later, along with Harry Swartz we did in Parliament. He was very competent. At the time I was on the Select Committee for Public Accounts for the opposition and found him helpful and co-operative when it was required of him. He was proud of the fact that his family had been in public service, if I recall, since the time of the HEEMRAAD  of the   Dutch East India Company, and Xhosa (along with Afrikaans) was his first language, in which he was very  fluent. He loved and husbanded his farm in Dordrecht in the Eastern Cape where  his heart was, and where the Munniks  have lived for many generations and where he took a great interest in the education of his employees welfare,  including founding a school on his farm for them.


His greatest contribution to the Province was of course in the health field. (see attached article). I think his best contribution was that of Administrator in the field of health. As a medical Doctor it was a field he understood and loved.


I know he was the key that unlocked the door, and assisted and supported the efforts of Mr Spencer Smith and others, for the school to move to Newlands. Without his help and support it may not have been possible at the time. He was the right man in the right place at the right time.


He loved rugby,  was a natural leader, and many will remember his gyrations  as  IKEY cheerleader for I think three years, on the grandstand at Newlands at the intervarsity, leading and  conducting the IKEY  supporters in song……..The UCT is the college for me ……….and Ka Boemelaka Boemelaka WA WA Wa………


He was very much a family man, who lived a life of  service to the Cape, as had his family for generations.


He and his family had served, if I recall for at least 7 generations in public life, beginning with the Heemraad of the VOC