2018 has seen a phenomenal contribution to the SACS schools by the Hugo-Hamman Family. Spearheaded by SACS Old-Boy brothers Chris and Richard Hugo-Hamman, the establishment of a Foundation on behalf of their family has resulted in significant, direct development within both the Junior School and High School. The main thrust is to grow Diversity through the process of Transformation. Their energies and passion have assisted in taking the process to the next level. At this point in time, their three main areas of contribution have resulted in:

  • Thirteen boys – from Grade R to Grade Twelve – being fully funded, in some cases, including boarding. This offer stands in perpetuity and allows for boys, who may not have had the opportunity, to attend SACS!
  • A donation of R10 million to go towards the reconfiguration of De Villiers House facilities. This will be in order to create accommodation and home-comfort facilities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to reside in the boarding house.
  • An offer, currently on the table, is that professionals will be commissioned to investigate needs within the entire De Villiers House precinct to action the facilities upgrade. Costs will be covered, over and above the already-generous donation.

On behalf of the Old Boys Union, we would like to express a huge amount of gratitude to the Hugo Hamman Family. You have set a phenomenal example that we hope creates a groundswell of momentum and encourages other Alumni of the school to recognise the difference that can be made – not just in the SACS community, but to the country as a whole. In early 2019, we will be sharing more about how we can all get involved to take SACS forward towards ‘SACS 200’.