Dear Old Boys,

Thank you for allowing us (Alan Screen, Richard Neal and I) to write to you and the SACS OBU regarding this incredible initiative and cause which we are supporting. The three of us, along with a number of others, will be running down from Johannesburg to Cape Town in a 24/7 relay covering 1520km’s in the week leading up to the 2017 Two Oceans Marathon with the final leg being the marathon itself. The actual charity which we are supporting is the MAD Leadership Foundation which selects talented, remarkable and underprivileged students who’ve shown strong leadership qualities and funds their education from Grade 8 through to the end of their tertiary studies. Apart from supporting the students financially the programme also provides the students with mentorship and guidance with the aim being that by the end of the programme the young students are able and willing to give back and inspire others in a similar manner. 

Myself, Alan and Rich have been extremely impressed and inspired by this initiative, especially seeing that we know all too well the importance of a quality education and the difference it can make for a person. As a result we’ve decided to try “Make a Difference” (MAD) in whatever way and manner we can. 

We are therefore wanting to see if there are SACS Old Boys who are able and willing to support us in our endeavour, small or big (it’s not about the amount but rather the intent and commitment), to offer someone the opportunity to reach their full potential and lead the way forward. For more information please see , and

Donations can be made via GivenGain or SnapScan, details below.

2. Search: Mad2Run
3. Select Mad2Run2017
4. Make your donation